Real-time updates in one spot, for all of your crypto components

cryptoGlance is an open-source, self-hosted PHP webapp providing you with a glance at all of your crypto-currency components in one spot. Designed for large and small screens, you can easily monitor and control many aspects of your crypto/mining devices. There's also an Android companion app which connects to your cryptoGlance installation remotely.

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At one glance, see a concise listing of your rigs, and their current performance + health status.


Keep an eye on the balance of your addresses, as they're verified against the blockchain.


Each rig shows a summary which can easy be expanded upon via tabs. Detailed status of each device/GPU shows you everything.

Complete Feature List

  • Standalone version with installer (for Windows), or run the source code within your own (PHP) web server environment
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly interface
  • Real-time information display (no refresh needed)
  • Secure login system
  • Obtains valid data directly from cgminer/sgminer
  • Rigs/ASICs
    • Monitors detailed statistics, and manages core functions of multiple rigs/ASICs
    • Switch pools and restart miners remotely
    • Change pool priority via drag and drop
    • Optionally reset rig stats, useful when switching pools
    • Auto-restart on BITMAIN ASIC failure
  • Pools
    • Actively track pool stats (MPOS and selective pools supported)
  • Wallets/Balances
    • "Wallets" in cryptoGlance are collections of public addresses that you wish to check the balance of
    • You can create multiple wallets which will sum up the total balances of all addresses belonging
    • FIAT conversions for most coins (Thanks to FunkyC:
    • Multiple coin types are supported, with more being added regularly
  • Updates:
    • Notification alerts
    • Automatic updating from within cryptoGlance
    • Select your release type preference
  • Configurable warning and danger status with visual cues
  • Void of malware or donation mining (does NOT require your private keys at all -- code is open source!)
  • Companion Android app which easily allows you to quickly access your cryptoGlance instance while on the go
  • MUCH MORE is planned, and check our for the absolute latest changes! Follow our social accounts, or drop by our IRC channel to find out when new features are released!


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Source Code / Changelog

Inspect ALL of the code, no malware or shady stuff here!


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